Anxiety states

Anxiety is an emotive state of uneasiness or tension whose cause is unknown. It is a state in which we may feel incongruence between ourselves and the experiences we are living. It poses a threat because we perceive or anticipate an external experience as incongruent with our internal world. Due to this incongruence, we perceive these experiences as threatening and this perception often lead to defensive positions, such as detachment or rigidity, precisely to avoid anxiety. However, when the inconsistent experience is strong, these defence mechanisms are unsuccessful and states of anxiety may develop as a consequence. These are often expressed in association with disorganised or inconsistent behaviour. My professional support in this area aims at: exploring the ways in which anxiety is bodily and emotively experienced, understanding its roots, and facilitating its expressions towards consistent behaviours with the concept we have of ourselves and the lived experiences.


Sonia Gallucci Counselor 08