International Academic Orientation

Academic life can be rewarding as well as challenging and hectic. If we consider that the majority of students choose a university far away from ‘home’ and that a part of them also spend a period of studies abroad, university life can indeed turn into a particularly stressful experience. That is why university students, and particularly international students, need to be supported not only academically, but also culturally and emotionally. International academic orientation is a service of professional support tailored for international students and aims to help them deal with their lived experiences while studying in the host university and settling into the new social and cultural contexts. This service is provided with awareness and high sensitivity to cultural differences. In the counselling encounters open conversations about their cultural traditions, values, beliefs, assumptions and communication styles are encouraged and explored throughout. This type of support can be particularly useful for issues related to academic differences, cultural differences, culture shock, foreign language proficiency, homesickness and intercultural relations.



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Sonia Gallucci Counselor 08